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Pucauto is a PucaTrade bot that will automatically accept trades for you. Pucauto launches Firefox, logs you in to PucaTrade, and continuously scans the Trades page looking for bundles of trades worth more than a minimum value that you set. If it finds one or more cards, Pucauto will accept them all for you. All you have to do is check your Sending page and mail them out.

You can leave Pucauto running in the background of your computer while you do other things like play Fallout 4, or sleep, or while you're at work.


  • Add on trades to users you haven't shipped to yet so that you can mail more cards to the same user.
  • Combine multiple smaller trades to the same user to create a bundle.
  • Accept single trades above a configurable value.
  • Have a feature request? Contact me at


Here are my results after a few days of running Pucauto. I was able to get rid of mediocre hard-to-move Theros block cards and foil rares. Normally these are difficult to trade via Pucatrade because supply is high and demand is low, but since Pucauto checks for trades so dilligently I was able to score the trade before other users.